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Go Against The Flow

We're going to do it differently. Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Carolinas... We want to be your local shaper. We will combine the best personalized service you've ever had with the best possible materials to make your board. Want to demo a board? We can do that! You won't have to buy it before you try it. You'll meet who shaped your board and he or she will go over everything you should know about your board and why it's specially made for you. In an era of disposable boards made in China, Heavy Eddy will Go Against The Flow.

K.I.A. Boards

Heavy Eddy is veteran owned and operated. You probably know a veteran who has served during the Global War On Terror and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Chances are, they knew someone who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Each board we make will feature a KIA, someone who was Killed In Action during the GWOT. It's an effort to provide a legacy of sorts, another chance to honor a fallen comrade, and to perhaps spark interest in this individual. Interest enough to look this person up and find out their story, because it's worth telling at least one more time.

Meet the Team

Alexander Cabral

Team Leader

Growing up on the banks of the American River in Sacramento CA, he spent almost every day on the water. A riverman at heart, Cabral cut his surfing teeth on the Chattahoochee River near the Good Wave before the whitewater park was ever constructed.

Father. River Surfer. Student. Baseball Player. Veteran. Amateur Gardener.

Kate Isennock

Assistant Team Leader

Hailing from Baltimore MD, Kate still technically grew up below the Mason-Dixon Line in rural Maryland. After some serious thought, Kate decided to resign from climbing the corporate ladder at a big financial firm to pursue adventure lifestyle and photography.

Mother. Paddler. Photographer. College Lacrosse Player. Adventurer. Infant/Toddler Fashion Consultant.

Tom Richardson

Team Rider

Tom is an energy you only meet once in a lifetime. If you don't get stoked on surfing after meeting this guy, you never will. But it doesn't stop there. After spending a twenty-something's lifetime playing baseball and going to college to be a teacher, he quit baseball, started surfing, became a baggage handler, and traveled the world for legendary surf spots. Despite leaving the game, Tom still coaches baseball in Atlanta.

Husband. Surfer. Collegiate Baseball Player. Philosopher. Baggage Handler. Has No Social Media.

That’s Us!

Shoot us an email and we'll talk. Want to talk about boards? Want to surf with us? Coming in from out of town and want to know about local restaurants and bars? Just share the stoke? Send it! Email us at: