Custom Shaped, Green, Durable, and Affordable

Why is it impossible to get a surf board or paddleboard that is custom shaped, ecofriendly, tough, and affordable? Most boards being sold today don't meet any of that criteria. Don't pay $1600 for a paddle board, that insane. Demand that your board be made sustainably. Surf boards should not be disposable. They should last years and years under extreme use. Above all, your board should be made perfectly for you.

Custom Shaped

We've seen a lot of people forced onto a particular surf/SUP shape because that's whats popular for a particular style of surf or a particular wave. Let's use what works for you!

  1. What kinds of water are you surfing or paddling on? What's the environment your desired activity will be taking place? Flat water SUP? Surfing glassy green river waves? That's a good start!
  2. Whats your size and strength? Maybe you're a big dude and just need a little more volume underneath you. Maybe you're smaller like our ATL Kate, and a 10' river runner is just a little much for you when you're charging rapids.
  3. What's your ability level? We can shed a little board volume as your confidence level increases.

Green And Sustainable

We're going to make it uncomfortable for our peers in the surf/SUP shaping community when they are asked "Are your boards green/sustainable/eco-friendly?"

No, using epoxy instead of toxic polyester resin is not enough. No, using EPS foam instead of polyurethane foam isn't good enough. Companies will brag about how "green" they are, when in fact they have much better choices without compromising a board's qualities. Our boards are certified by Sustainable Surf as a qualified Ecoboard. Sustainable Surf is a 3rd party organization who audits surf companies who volunteer for the Ecoboard project and ensures they meet the rigorous standards for the official title of "Ecoboard".


When our TL, Alex, was in the Army at 3rd Ranger Battalion, he used to get new gear all the time from tactical companies that claimed their gear was "Ranger proof". There's no such thing. Rangers can smash anything.

The same goes for surfboards. Companies loosely throw around terms like "indestructible" or "bomb proof." Nothing is indestructible and we won't claim that our boards are either.

However, our boards are among the toughest out there. You will be able to skid right over that rock in the river over and over and over. You'll be able to drop your board on the cement, and it'll take it. It's not amazing... you're board should be this tough! Our boards have an Innegra hybrid fiber that combines impact resistance and durability with a high modulus fiber. If you do manage to damage your board, bring it to us. We'll fix it for free.

Nothing's bomb proof. Ask a Veteran, he/she can tell you why.


For right now, nothing we build will be over $1000. That's easy. We are a small operation, so it's easy to keep costs down and find the most cost effective materials. Everyone should be able to afford to surf. We'll make it more affordable. You should be able to find a top of the line, eco-friendly, durable, and modestly priced board. Everyone deserves that.


Want a board? Just ask!

Need an estimate? Want to see a board in person? Want to try one out? Maybe you just want to know about options. Give us a shout!