While throwing ideas at team mate Elijah Mack, he rhetorically asked if I was going to make Ecoboards. I said "What's an Ecoboard?" Eli told me just how toxic it is to make surfboards. So I checked out Sustainable Surf Project to learn how we could make our boards more environmentally friendly.

When you get a Heavy Eddy board, know that we have taken every step to cut out toxic chemicals where we can, reduce waste, and find more efficient ways to make your board. Check out this Life Cycle Study by Sustainable Surf Project that compares the carbon footprint of a standard “poly” surfboard (Polyester resin/Polyurethane Foam blank)* vs. an ECOBOARD made with bio-based epoxy resin and recycled content EPS blank.

When we say "No, epoxy isn't good enough", its because we use plant-based epoxy, low to zero VOC resin with over 20% bio-carbon content. By the way, it's stronger than most resins other surf companies use.

When we say "No, using EPS foam isn't good enough", it's because we use 25% recycled material in our EPS foam cores. Our competitors can ask their foam distributors to add recycled content to their foam, just like we do. All they have to do is ask... and they'd save a couple bucks too.

We're raising the standard and we're letting everyone know. It's not good enough to just say you're green. Prove it by the materials you use.