Heavy Eddy Inflatable River Board



Never heard of river boarding? It’s an exploding niche in whitewater river sports. Widely considered one of the safest ways to navigate whitewater, river boards can be used to surf, run whitewater, scout sections of river, and are often used as a rescue platform.

Our Inflatable River Board is a free style river board. You’ll see our riders surfing river waves, carving up and down the face, spinning 360’s, and getting air! These boards are tough and can absolutely handle heavy river abuse. Since it’s inflatable, you can deflate, roll it up and travel anywhere with it. You could carry it onto an airplane! The travel bag that it comes with has plenty of room for extra gear like fins, PFD, and helmet. Construction consists of the same heavy duty PVC tarpaulin and rigid drop stitch as our inflatable paddle boards. You can pump them up to rock hard PSIs or deflate them when riding for more flex and rocker! You’re not going to find another river board out there that can conform to your style of riding!

50″ Long

24″ Wide

3″ Thick

Heavy Duty Handles

Diamond Groove Grip Deck Pad

Comes With A Pump And Travel Bag


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